Dons RV INFORMATION, a book by Donald Bobbitt


My Wife and I have spent a number of years Camping over our Lives together.

When we were a young couple, as with so many people, we would Camp on our vacations and weekends because we just never had the money to travel and stay at expensive places.

After our Kids moved away, my wife and I evolved into Campers and specifically  Class-A Motorhomes.

We have owned 5 of these over the past years, and we have enjoyed them immensely.

I realized, one day, that I had a lot of valuable information stored in my head that other Campers could use.

So, I wrote and published this book. If you wish to Review or even Purchase a copy in either Paperback or Kindle eBook formats, Click Here:

Dons RV Information: A Common Sense Guide for the Beginner and the Experienced RVer.


by Don Bobbitt, 2015, All Rights Reserved, 2015

You can read and enjoy this article, and share it with your friends, but if you want to use it commercially you must have the authors permission in writing.


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