FMCA Overnight Parking Etiquette for RV Owners


I know you have probably noticed them.

You pull into the parking lot of a retail establishment, especially a WalMart and there will be one or more Motorhomes parked far out and away from the stores entrance.

These people are usually OVERNIGHTERS.

You see, these days, RV owners will take long trips that often require them to stay somewhere overnight before get to their final destination. And, in order to save money they will often look for a public area that allows them to camp overnight, for free.

WalMart, being one of the largest retail business’ in the world, has enormous stores with extremely large parking lots. And, they have been one of the biggest supporters of overnighters in the country.

Their philosophy is that if you are traveling in an RV, and stay overnight, then you will probably go inside and re-provision your camper, and possibly even eat there.

As long as you are cooperative and park far away from the store itself, traveling RV owners find that they have very few restrictions on Campers.

The big problem for all of us potential overnighters is the few of us who abuse this kindness and cause problems through their selfishness, such as; leaving trash, setting up “camp” for several days, blocking traffic lanes, etcetera.

The FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) has developed an industry accepted CODE OF CONDUCT for overnighters to follow.

Click on the link below to read this Code of Conduct and hopefully understand why it exists and what you, and all of us who overnight, should do.

FMCA Code of Conduct for Overnighters

by Don Bobbitt, 2015


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