Just Looking. Or am I? Shopping for a newer RV in Tampa.

I’m Just Looking! That’s what my wife and I agreed to as we spent several days walking through the big RV Sales companies on Tampa.

I have mentioned in the past that Tampa is a “Mecca” for people looking to upgrade their Rv or maybe purchase their first RV. There are several MAJOR dealers in the are who are recognized nationwide as the largest dealer with the largest inventory of RVs.

Recently, there was the annual TAMPA RV SHOW that draws thousands of interested people from around the US. We always go there, just to see the hundreds of display booths there manned by vendors of almost anything you can dream of for your RV.

We were there, and we got some very good ideas and a number of business cards for us to take advantage of when we get the time.

As you know, I have been writing about my RETRO-WINNIE, a 2001 Winnebago Adventurer 35U. We love the RV, even if we did have to recently replace the Fridge when the cooling unit died.

But, that was almost a month ago, and all of the out-of-owners are gone. Now, several of the big local dealers are having special sales to get rid of more of their inventory.

Being local, this is when we go and look at what hasn’t been sold as well as what was traded in on other units.

It is a great time to find a deal, in my opinion because the dealers need to turn their inventory and prepare for the summer of less shopper as well as newer models.

We RVers in Tampa have numerous dealers with inventory for the shopper to select from, including; LazyDays, Camping World, and General RV, to name a few of the really big ones.

In fact, we have found several RVs that we like but, all but one has fallen to the wayside as we put them up against our Retro-Winnie.

You see, it does help you keep your perspective if you already have a good functional RV while you are looking a others that are a little newer. We like the idea of moving up in age, but at the same time, being retired and not in great health, we are very hesitant to spend much of our savings.

Will we close a deal? Honestly, we don’t know. We are talking and we do have a very good number set in front of us, but ……….?

by Don Bobbitt, 2015

Copyright, Donbobbntt, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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