I hope you Winterized your RV, if not?



I live in Florida and winterizing my RV is not a priority for me.

I just keep my batteries in good shape and cover my tires to protect them from the sunshine. But again, I live in Florida.

But for the rest of you, living further North who are more susceptible to the vagaries of the Winter Cold, I hope you took care of this bothersome task already and your RV is sitting somewhere, nicely winterized and waiting for you and Spring to arrive.

The thing you do not want to happen is the dreaded burst pipe or cracked holding tank so common for the lackadaisical owner who ignores the dangers of cold weather to a campers plumbing

There are numerous YouTube videos and Blog posts that describe hundreds of ways to winterize your camper, so I won’t bore you with a “How To… ” post right now.

Winterizing is relatively simple, as far as your water and sewage storage systems and water supply and drain systems are concerned.

I know that you took the time to drain all of your holding tanks and to pour a couple of gallons of safe antifreeze into your sewage holding tanks.

And I know that you took the time to drain your water lines and pour a couple of gallons of FRESH WATER ANTIFREEZE into your water lines and into your sink and shower drains.

I know that you did this because if you neglected this necessary chore, you are gambling with having not only a lot of leaks but the chance that you may have to spend hundreds of dollars replacing anything from water and drain lines to one of your holding tanks itself.

And, I know that you are smarter than that. Right?

Oh well, This is just a reminder to my readers, and the rest is up to you.

by Don Bobbitt, 2015

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2015, This article is the property of Don Bobbitt and All Rights to it are Reserved. But, the article can be shared freely with others on a non-fee-or-profit condition.

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