The RETRO-SURVIVALIST – Take Control of your Health

This book is a great collection of Tips, procedures and instructions for the average person to read and understand in order to take control of their health.

The information in the book will help the reader understand the chemicals that manufacturers and processors add to our foods and even our medicines many of which have dangerous side effects.

Once you understand what they are doing you can make intelligent decisions on selecting and eating healthier foods.

And, as our ancestors have done for centuries, we can understand the numerous NATURAL treatments for so many of our common aliments that we normally spend fortunes on, for Doctor visits and expensive drugs.

Learn how to use natural Herbs and Plants and even Essential Oils to greatly improve your health and lifestyle, while saving significant money.

Click the link below to read my HubPage article that explains what the book contains and how it can help you live better.

The Retro-Survivalist manual, explained.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Orange Wave

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