RETRO-WINNIE Shakedown Trip, The Good and the Bad

OK, I am not keeping up, even with myself.

We did finally complete our trip to Lynchburg VA from Ruskin FL. it was a round trip totaling over 1400 miles and we were in our site for over three weeks.

Because of my Doctors demand (a recent Blood Clot in my leg) that I only drive for a few hours a day, we ended up stopping overnight going up to VA, and on our return.

I can say that the campground we picked to stop at on the trip up was a very good one. It is called Lake Jasper Campground. It is right off of I-95 at exit-8. The pull-through sites are large and everything was clean and functional. I would recommend this campground to anyone traveling on I-95. Also, the exit is one leading to part of Hilton Head, so there are a lot of things to do nearby. One thing I noticed that you rarely find at a campground was a mechanism to aid in lifting a wheelchair bound person into and out of the pool. Ovrall, i rank this as a 5-Star campground.

On the way back though, we were not so luck. We stopped at a KOA campground off of exit-33 on I-95. I knew about this one from years of traveling I-95, but I had never stayed there. My opinion? Well, let’s just say that the owner is pinching his pennies a little too tight. The buildings are OLD and well worn. The “streets” ( basically just sand) are worn, and you can see water pipes sticking out on the surface everywhere. The WIFI is inadequate and just kicks you offline whenever the load gets too high. And their Cable TV? I found ONE Network channel out of the dozen or so channels. The others were free channels like Weather, PBS, cartoons, and other useless broadcasts. It was just a worn out campground living off of tired Interstate travelers looking for a place to rest. I do not recommend it.

Wow! I had not planned on going into campground reviews, but I did!

As to our three weeks camping. We went into a laid-back mode and spent a lot of the time with family.

As to our Rv, it performed admirably with our discovering only a few things that we need to repair .

The worst problem we had was the fact that the Ice-Maker in the fridge had a slow water leak. I dealt with it temporarily, and presently in the process of searching for the right replacement.

The second problem was the fact that the Bedroom TV and remote do not work. I went over to the local WalMart and picked up a cheap replacement for the remote, and ……. It didn’t work either. It seems that the problems is the sensor on the TV. I am in the thinking mode on this one while we change channels the old-fashioned way. We stand UP and press the buttons manually! Old School for sure!

So, we are home and waiting for the Florida Monsoon season to slow down some and then we can get into our Retro-Winnie and tinker with it some more.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2104, All Rights Reserved.

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