A Lazy Writers plans while camping in Lynchburg Virginia.

We have been parked in our campsite here in Lynchburg Virginia for over a week and a half now and it has been great, just Chillin’.

Oh we have been busy visiting the kids and seeing our grandkids, along with the occasional friend. But, haven’t actually made any plans or set up a schedule of things to do yet. Everything has just kind of happened, of its own accord. So, this in itself has made the visit worth the trip, so far.

We figure to be here for another week or maybe  a little more before we head back South and to our home in Florida, so there is still time for those things we had originally counted on doing, such as;

Nature Photography– I planned on driving into the countryside and catching some new nature pictures, but so far we haven’t done this. Actually, most of each day so far has not had really great light for good photography.

Downtown Walks– We had talked about going downtown, maybe catching some Pics of the old buildings, and eating at a couple of the newer restaurants that are popular there. Not Yet.

Old River Canal Locks– I wanted to hit the local library and get some info for a future article on the old Canal and maybe get some Pics of the few Canal Locks that are still in existence. But, maybe next week?

Monument Terrace– I do already have some good Pics of the Monument Terrace stairway that I will soon edit and put into an article on the Terrace that I have “rough written” already.

Jefferson Street article Update– I wrote an article that is more a photo diary of our walk one day on Commerce street. That was about five years ago, and, sad to say, on a recent visit, I saw that the City had destroyed some of the old stone sidewalks and even pulled up some old train rails.  I have pictures of these that I did not use in the original article, so I need to update it so others can see a little bit of their history that is now gone.

Oh well, those are my plans. I just need to get out of the lounge chair under my awning and get to work. Right?

But, Right Now, I have to meet some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Redskins game together. GO SKINS!

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, DonBobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved!

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