Our First Day in our Campsite in Lynchburg, Virginia.

We finally moved from our daughters driveway and moved into our campsite at the Moose Club (#1727). As you can see, we had just leveled the camper, hooked up to my sites power and turned on the AC.

You see, coming from Florida, we had been expecting the weather to be typical for late August/September, which can be daytime temperatures from a high of only 55 to a high of maybe 75.

But so far, each day the actual temperature has been in the upper 80’s each day for the next week is projected to stay there for the next week.

And of course, with these temperatures our basement AC has already proven to be a lifesaver.

As you can see, my site is surrounded by large Oak trees, and we have a nice covering of shade throughout the day. Believe me, this makes our site all the more enjoyable.

So far, we have only put down a rug, but I plan to open the awnings later, to help keep the surrounding air even cooler.

After I do that, I’ll set up a couple of chairs, a fold-up table, and then I’ll pull out the table-top grill.

Looking at that grill, I smile thinking that there is going to be a lot of meat eaten this long Holiday weekend. And, honestly, my wife and I don’t usually eat very much red meat anymore, but I am sure that after a trip to the closest supermarket we will be cooking and serving out a lot of hamburgers, Hot Dogs and even Steaks.

OK, we know, these are not good for us according to everything I read and my Doctors advice, but we will be falling off of the health food wagon for a few days.

You see, we are ready for the Labor Day weekend.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved

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