RETRO-WINNIE- Shakedown trip – Day-1

Well, we have done all of those things you do before you pull out on a trip in your Motorhome. The Oil level looks Good, The transmission fluid is full and clean. The Generator is running like a dream and all of my electronic are working.

And, we plugged into our house 36 hours ago to charge up the Coach batteries and get the fridge nice and cold. Late yesterday, after the temperatures had dropped down here in Florida, we loaded the RV with all of our clothes and food that we would need.

I did have a little technical problem with the fridge that I will have to iron out at some time, but overall, everything is working well this morning, and I will disconnect the Rig from the house and load those last few things that we will take on our trip.

After that, my wife and I will do a walk-around and make sure that everything is buttoned up before we pull out.

I will stop right up the road and fill the fuel tank, get a large cup of coffee and settle into our planned 6-hour drive to an interesting campground we found.

Hopefully, all will go well. Even with all of my checks and inspections, this is a 2001 Motorhome that was owned by someone else, so it really is a shakedown cruise for me and my motorhome to get to know each other. Hopefully we will make good partners. LOL!

More in the next Post,

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2014

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