RETRO-WINNIE- Shakedown trip – Day-1- End ofDay

My 2001 Winnebago 35U
My 2001 Winnebago 35U

Well, my old Retro, or soon to be Retro, Winnie did well today.

We drove slightly over 365 miles before we pulled into a great campground called Lake Jasper RV Resort. It is off of exit-8 as you come into South Carolina.

Anyway, we stopped every two hours at rest stops and walked around per my Doctors orders and we still made good time. I kept the rig in the right lane and I kept the speed at 65 on the interstate  highways. It wasn’t out of fear, rather it was so I could get what I would consider the best possible fuel economy, and just get familiar with the sounds and movements of my Retro-Winnie.

Probably the most serious problem I saw was that we did a lot of rock-and-rolling when the wind got up. The weatherman had predicted gusting winds as high as 20- MPH and we hit pockets of these “busts” quite often. Unlike my old Big Rig, with its air shock suspension system and automatic leveling control system.

It was an experience in my past that I had forgotten about, but it only took a little while for my senses to take over and steady my Winnie as we drove along the windy interstate.

Eventually, we did pull into our campground for the night, hooked up, again with no problems, and settled into relaxing and preparing for the second half of our shakedown trip. This half would include quite a number of hills and even a semi-mountain or two. This part will test our engine/transmission combination and its health.

More adventure tomorrow.

by Don Bobbitt







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