The Search – Phase-3 – Knowing the Dealer-Salesman


Probably one of the most important things you want to under stand is the person that owns the RV you are interested in buying. There are Dealers and there are Private Owners, and boy are they different.

Now, the Dealer is the simplest to understand. Think back to the comical Car Salesman of the Sixties and Seventies.  He wore a plaid suit, a snap brim hat and an ear-to-ear smile as he walked up and started guiding you back across his car lot to sell you this great deal he had that was just right for you.

Well, The suit and hat are gone, but basically the guy s the same, smile and all. Now he uses computers and digital picture files, pricing sites on the internet that justify his prices, and an inch thick stack of paperwork that was originally designed to keep crooked salesmen fro taking advantage of the customer. Now it is used to put ypu to sleep.

The Dealer is not going to insult you. The Dealer is not going to let you get away from him if at all possible. The Dealer is going to find out what you can afford and lead you to what is in that price range and then he is going to turn on the heat. The heat being the descriptions of the RV and every accessory in it that he thinks you want. The Dealer is a Salesman.

And a Salesman’s job is to sell. A Salesman is not there to save you money. A Salesman is not there to sell you something with a payment you can afford in your budget, but to sell you something that takes as much of your money as possible. Your future financial problems are not his concern.

The Dealer/Salesman does not have a Soul. Oh, be quiet! They are there to take your money, not serve you. The moment they get your money, they are on the phone with the next prospect. They are not going to send you a birthday card. They are not going to come to your Kids birthday party. If they see you 6 months later they will have a problem remembering having met you at all.

Why am I saying this about Dealers?

To prepare you for what you need to do whenever you must face one of these money-hungry animals.

So, if you do go to a Dealer, have your own arsenal of weapons prepared and ready for the confrontation.

1- First of all, you must look at your family finances and determine how much you are willing to pay for an RV.

2- If you are paying cash, then know your limit.

3- If you are willing to finance your RV, then decide the following; A-How much are you willing to finance, B- How many years are you willing to make payments on your RV. C- What interest rate are you willing to pay on your RV. D- How large a monthly payment can your budget afford without cramping your lifestyle.

4- If you will need a loan, go to your local bankers (BTW-most banks will not finance an RV.) first and let them tell you how much they are willing to finance on an RV. It is always good to walk onto a lot with your financing worked out before hand.

Once you have your available finances under control, you can walk onto the RV lot and, if you stick to your guns, you can select an RV that you can afford regardless of what the Salesman tries to thrust on you.

And, remember that those listed prices are not their lowest. Anyone, with good credit or cash, should get a minimum of 5% off of their listed price, and even more of a discount is possible on a Used RV depending how much money they have in the RV.

And, do not hesitate to walk away. By this I mean, that these are salesmen and they want a sale, right now. So, if you tell them that you do not like their price and are going to look elsewhere you will often see them scramble to get you a better price from their boss.

Of course, during this very tiring process, of making a deal on an RV, if anything makes you feel uncomfortable at all, just politely give them your name and phone number, get their card and walk away.

Often that bad feeling you can get is your sub-concious trying to tell you something. It can be anything, like; something the salesman said that sounded strange, the look of something about the used or new RV, the cleanliness of their service center, the look of the paperwork they keep sticking in front of you. Like I said it can be anything, but if you are not comfortable, get out of there.

I know I have said bad things about RV Dealers and Salesmen, but these RVs are high cost items and the people selling them are often just like those Sales people of yesteryear. They are there to get your money, not be your friend.

So, be prepared and be very cautious when you go looking for an RV.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

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