The Search – Phase-2 – Using eBay to find a deal on an RV.


OK, I now have hundreds of prospects that are in and around my price range and that I might consider buying. Yes, I said hundreds, located anywhere from California to New York.

Some have problems that will need attention and money while some were well taken care of by the owners.

But, Right now, I am trying to thin down my list of possibilities on eBay.

eBay is a great site to watch tow things. One, is what people THINK their item is worth, while the other is the actual price that people are willing to pay for that same item. There are a lot of delusional people on eBay, both Sellers and Buyers.

One of the good things about eBay is the capability for anyone to build a “Watch List” of items that people have up for auction. Once you have a watch list, you can just go back a couple of times a day and watch the progress of the bidding on the items you are interested in.

I started with a list of over 150 RVs for sale that I really liked the descriptions and the pictures. Of course, this is a pretty large list to manage, so I waited 24-hours and then I sat down and started thinning down the list.

First, I live in Florida, so I deleted any RV that was west of Texas and north of New Jersey. I just do not want to travel but so far to bring a purchase home.

Second, I eliminated anything that did not provide a decent level of information for the potential buyer. I mean, if you want me to spend tens of thousands of dollars, take the time to showcase your product. Do not just stick 4 or 5 crappy pictures on the site along with a minimum description of the RV and everything in it. I want everything to work and if it doesn’t, then a reason why.

Third, I eliminated anything that had bids that were 25% over my personal maximum and still had not met the Sellers RESERVE. As I said before, some Sellers are delusional about what their RV is really worth on the market.

Fourth, I eliminated anything that had stupid statements by the Seller. Some instances are;

“Don’t bother me with Lowball offers” [Live with it, stupid, you want to get as many interested people as possible to look at your RV and some are going to make stupid offers, be polite and move on].

, “This unit is sold AS IS, we checked the engine and it runs good” [Selling AS IS is OK but you had better gain the potential buyers confidence by providing a lot of great pictures as well as descriptions of ever option and appliance along with an assurance that they all work.],

“If you want to pay by Paypal, then add 2.9% to cover their fee”.  [So you don’t like Paypal! And there is a potential Buyer that likes the protection he gets by using Paypal. Don’t be stupid, set your price to cover such special Paypal fees and get your RV sold. Refusing Paypal scares a lot of Buyers. You see, they don’t know that you are honest and not trying to take advantage of them.]

Anyway, I got my watch list down to 42 RVs that are worth my time watching, so the game goes on.

By the way, if you are new to eBay, the highest bid that you see listed, is something of an illusion. eBYa bidders tent to go into a “Bidding War” over the last 5 minutes of an auction and are downright frantic for the last minute.

So, don’t be surprised to see the highest bid go up dramatically over these final minutes on just about anything on eBay. Watch three things on auction items to decide if it is a HOT item. Watch the number of bids to date, the number of Offers to date, and the number of watchers to date. If these are significant then there are probably people waiting to “steal” the item at the last minute.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

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