The Search Begins – Looking for that great deal on a used RV.



I know! I know! the phrases “great deal” and “used RV” don’t seem to go together, once you dip your feet into what is most visible on the market.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I sold my camper that i had kept on a site in Virginia. Now I need to find an older Motorhome so my wife and I can take short trips around the southeastern part of the US and have some fun.

Also, I will be doing some research, including photography for a book I am writing.

I don’t want much, really! LOL!

My needs are;

1- 2000 to 2005 model Class-A motorhome

2- 32 to 35 feet long with two slides.

3- very good condition and low mileage

4- 2- working AC units, and functioning furnace

5- good tires and no signs of water leaks.

6- All appliances should be functioning properly and the furniture should be in good shape.

7- The price has to be low, Very Low even! You see, banks don’t loan money on older Used RVs. In fact, with the recession, there were so many rediculous loans given out by banks on RVs that ended up being turned back in that they don’t really like giving loans on brand new RVs.

So, I will be paying cash and I do not have a lot to use for this project so I need to be very knowledgeable as I search and sort through what is on the market..

OK, OK! I know I am asking a lot, but I know that there is the right unit out there somewhere, for us, but the search may take a little time.

Meanwhile, as we search, we will be in the local libraries and on the web doing our research for our book and eventually we will find the right deal and have a motorhome to travel to the sites we have researched to get the pictures we will need.

Wish us luck!

by DON BOBBITT, 2014


One comment

  1. It might be worth looking in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We don’t live in that area, but we (and lots of others we know) have all purchased used RVs there. Lots of them available so a little more price competition, it seems. We had to immediately put new tires on ours but factored it into the price we paid upfront. Good luck!


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