Spring is Near! Are you ready for your first Camping Trip?

Camper waiting for use.
Camper waiting for use.

OK People!

Spring is just a few weeks away, ans your Camper has been stored away for months now.

The question is, if you want to take a short (or long) Camping trip soon, you need to start your “End of Winter” preparations. Here are a few reminders for you to think about as you sit in front of your warm fireplace: 

1- Have you picked a location to travel to, yet? Talking now, with the whole family, can possibly bring up new ideas that could change your original plans, so take the time to discuss everything.

2- If so, have you picked a good Campground, and when will they open for the season? And, be sure to call then to assure that there are no problems with their campground, the swimming Pools, and other entertainments that you remember.

3- How has your Camper survived the Winter? Have you checked it out recently?

  • Have there been any weather leaks?
  • Are the tires in good shape?
  • Are your Camper batteries full of water and fully charged?
  • Check inside for any new residents like Mice, and Squirrels. These pesst love to adopt a nice dry place in the winter.
  • And, of course, does everything work properly, Mice and Squirrels love to eat wiring insulation.

4- Have you put the money away yet so that your trip will be a fun trip?

5- Have you marked your calendar with these dates:

  • When you will make Campground reservations.
  • When you will de-winterize your Camper.
  • When you will lock down your travel route.
  • Where will you make any overnight stays.
  • When will you reserve your tickets or reservations for the local entertainment that costs money.

And, I am sure that you will come up with even more things you need to do to make your first Spring camping trip a success, but these that I have listed here should help you get yourself ready.

byDon Bobbitt, 2014


  1. Great, Bob! I keep my camper in Virginia, so I can visit my family and friends in the Winter rather than Winterize.
    So, My Spring trip will be a 4-6 week stay, probably in mid-May. I still have to follow most of these same criteria, but manage it by remote control of my Son-in-Law. Still, as you said; Woo Hoo!
    I am ready!


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