I paid my Voodoo Queen and you Spammers are Gonna get it!

Voodoo Witch
Voodoo Witch


You be too damn mean!

You take up my time,

and you make me wanna scream.

From yo crappy comments,

and cheap ads, I glean,

your malicious ways, and constant streams,

just sucking up my time

with a daily cleaning.

I don’t want no cheap club tickets,

I don’t want no cheap team jerseys,

Yo Purses are fake

and I don’t read Chinese!

Yo grammar sucks, like yo junky products.

What you provide  are just

Crappy aggravations

And all are blocked, so I simply “Click and Delete”

your captured comments that never get spread.

But, I finally went to see my Voodoo Witch,

named Mama Latour,

and she be a Bitch.

I gave my money to my Voodoo honey

and your web  address too, and assured you are cursed.

Well, she chanted and sang such awful songs

then she made a potion, of cat hair and dung.

Finally, she grabbed the potion

and dancing around,

she put a curse on you, in a Cajun notion.

So, Spammers beware, ’cause

from now on your breath is gonna smell

just like your feet.

Your hair will fall out,

in bunches I was assured,

and you will pass gas,

wherever you go.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

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