A Winter Camping Trip – Day-4,5,6,7 – Christmas and Such!

Yep! That’s what it has been, 4 days of “and Such”

We had a great Christmas! The last several days I have been surrounded with relatives and friends. Some of whom I have not seen in a very long time.

And that’s been a good thing! At least my hearts says so. Of course, my nerves say otherwise. We have been running from one place to another every day and especially on Christmas Eve and Day.We have collected a lot of great memories over this period and the trip has been something special for us.

I say this as an excuse for not writing anything over these past days, because, honestly, by the time we got back to our camper, we were exhausted. We would put on our PJ’s and just “veg” in front of the TV until our bedtime.

As to our camper, we have had a few things to deal with.

First of all, my furnace decided to not operate properly and we have been heating the camper with our two ceramic space heaters. They have done a great job for us, so I just have to take the time to do a little trouble-shooting. Maybe tomorrow?

We have had several days of cold nights in the teens and twenties, but the days have been in the thirties and forties, so we really can’t complain. During the rain, i spent a good hour checking every wall,window, door, roof appliance mounting and slide seal I could for any signs of leaks, and I am happy to say that the camper is “water-tight” as far as heavy blowing rain is concerned.

I also discovered that my campsite needs to be landscaped a little when we come back in a couple of months.
I need to re-direct some natural water flow to other points that will not be a problem for walking around.

And, I will need to get a small load of gravel dumped where I park my car to avoid the mud being a problem on our shoes when we get in and out of the car.

Otherwise, we are doing great and it looks like a major diet will be the task for me in January.

So many great dishes and sweets in so many homes, and me? Well, it is Christmas, and I do love good food!

Don, 2013


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