A Winter Camping Trip – Day 3 – Weather changes a few plans

As you can tell by the photo the Day-3 started out dreary. If you look back in my older posts, I have this identical picture but it was Autumn and the colors were fantastic.

But, its OK, I grew up here in Lynchburg, so I’m quite familiar with what a real winter of dormant nature is like.

No Problem for me.

The weather itself, is crazy warm for this time of year, but I’m not complaining about that either.
In fact, just to show people that I now come from the tropical world of Florida, I waked around in shorts, a T-Shirt and flip-flops. The rest of the ‘Burg was wrapped up as if they were just waiting for the next cold snap to hit.

Anyway, we got our fridge and pantry stocked up first of all and then we even visited our eldest daughter for a bit before we all split up.

My wife and daughters went shopping. (By the way, at some time in the future I want to write an article about this strange female phenomenon of running off to wander Malls and stores, as soon as they get together. Curious!)

My son and son-in-law and I did the logical male thing. We went directly to a sports bar and had a very unhealthy lunch along with beer and “throw the shells in the floor” peanuts.

A much more logical use of bonding time, in my opinion.

Later, as we had all gotten back together, the guys and I tried to go over to a local Flea Market but that’s when the showers started.
By the time we got there, the flea market field was 3/4 empty, so we turned around and went back to spend a little more time with the girls.

Later, my wife and I went back to the camper and spent an hour or so, setting up all of those little things that make a camper a little more “homey”. Things like; pulling out Helens little throw blanket that she likes to have over her legs while on the sofa, and my distribution of reading glasses in strategic places around the camper (I am so blind close-up without my readers) for use when the need arises.

We set up our MIFI box, pulled out our iPads and plugged them up to charge, and finally, we just put on our pajamas and sat back with a little music playing in the background for an hour or so, as we caught up with our emails, etc.

Then it was; watch a new DVD movie and, off to bed. We slept wonderfully with the rain dripping on the camper roof through the night.

We did have to change one of our planned activities for the day, but we still might be able to get it done before we leave. Overall, considering we had a day that was half nice and half rain, it turned out OK.

DON Bobbitt, 2013


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