A Winter Camping Trip – Day-1 & 2 – The Trip UP and the first day on site.

Well, we got here. But, it was a punishing trip.
My wife and I have made some long trips before, but with this one, we finally overdid it.

You see, we left Home in Florida at 3-AM, heading to Myrtle Beach, SC. My wife had an appointment with a Doctor of hers, so we detoured there and then we went through Raleigh, NC to pick up our grand-daughter. After that stop we continued on to our campsite in Lynchburg VA.

The whole idea was to save on a hotel room on the way up.

Oh, we traded off with the driving, several times, and we made a number of rest are stops just to stretch relax a little. But, we ended up spending over twenty hours in the car, just driving.

Never again! By the time we got to the camper, my son-in-law had everything set up for us, so we just unloaded the overnight necessities, but we were WHIPPED! And wound up on caffeine, of course.

We had a glass of wine, put on our PJ’s and crashed for the night.

But, the next day, we were drained. Oh, we got up, had our coffee, turned on the TV for the news, going through the motions of normality but we had done more than our bodies wanted us to do.

Instead of hopping out of bed and doing all of those little things that we normally do on the first day in the campground, we just sat around like a pair of Zombies.

We had no energy. we were not hungry, and as we talked to relatives on the phone, we turned down ALL invitations to come over and visit.

We just didn’t have it in us. So, we begged off, and did the couch potato thing until bedtime last night.

Now, this morning, our bodies and our brains had healed themselves. We were up bright and early, ran a number of errands and even visited a few people. All was finally normal.

So, the question is, what did we save by not stopping over in a hotel room halfway up?  OK, we saved around $80 on the hotel room but we wasted a whole day of our camping trip, anyway.

My wife and I have talked it over and for us, it will definitely be in our plans to cut out the stop-overs. Oh, we got a lot done, and we are really enjoying having our grand-daughter with us, but marathon drives to our “second home camper” are definitely off of our list for the future.

As my wife said; We have camped all over the country, over the years, but we have no excuse for being so stupid. She added; We needed to start acting our age, and slow down.

Anyway, I will go out later and give the camper a good inspection during the daylight hours that are left because, even though the weather is nice and unseasonably warm today, starting tomorrow they are calling for afternoon rain and nighttime temperatures in the twenties for several days.

I want to be ready!

DON, 2013


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