A Winter Camping Trip – Pre-Planning Day-6

Snow in the ‘Burg – pic by Don

Planning your Time while on site.

Family and Friends


Remember, if you are camping anywhere, that you might have family or friends living nearby, of if you just happen to know someone who has been to the area where you are camping, they can all have valuable information for you about the area.

Call or drop an email to all of these friends and relatives and ask them if they know of any events that you can go to while camping in the area.
Often, they will quickly catch you up to date on people you both know, and how everyone is doing overall during the conversation.
So do keep in touch with these important people in your life.

And, you should remember that these are your family and friends and you will likely get invitations to dinner or to just stop by and chat.
You should always try to comply, especially with relatives, and add these “Get-Together” dates and times onto your second calendar.
So at this point, what you now have are two calendar pages that have quite a few things that you want to do while you are camping at your site.
Although in the Winter, some of these tentative plans may be affected by foul weather but what you really have at hand are;
  • A calendar of interesting events that you can attend, and
  • A calendar of dates that you can visit your old friends and relatives.

And these friends are all happy when they see you. This is because you are not just “dropping in” but you have talked with them and worked out a date and time to meet that is mutually agreeable.

Put the two calendars together and you now have a schedule of special events, times and dates that you can do things. And you can see the free time available for you to perform any chores you might need to perform while you are at your campsite

Also, now you can see the open dates and times that you have available for planning your own self-entertainment.

by DON Bobbitt, 2013

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