A Winter Camping Trip – Pre-Planning Day-5

Don and Helen

I know, I have written four posts so far and I am just getting to a very useful level of information.

So let;s talk about;

Planning your time while on site!


When we go camping and are going to be at a site for longer than 1-2 days we have learned to over plan our time rather than just land at a campground and figure things out day by day.

Now, having a loose and carefree camping experience is a great thing also, and we have ended up doing this often in our travels. But, we have learned to do our research and plan, plan, plan.

Calendar Search

Probably one of the smartest things you can do before a camping trip is spend a couple of days on the internet and the telephone.
While on the internet, search out what is really going on in the area you will be visiting.

Write down everything, large and small, that you might find; local festivals, museum showings, historical celebrations, local sports events, grand openings for business’, church socials, and anything else you might think of.
Write down the event, the address’ the dates, and any fees that might be charged along with any phone numbers or websites that you might need if you decide to go to these events.

Making a Trip Calendar

Now, after a few days of research, emails and telephone calls, you can probably already see that there is more to do than you have time for while camping..

Once I get to this point, I actually print out two blank calendar pages for my detailed planning. Here is also where I put on my optimists hat and tell myself; Every Day is going to be beautiful! 

One thing that we campers know is the fact that we have no control over the local weather, and with that in mind, we always assume that we may have put down some events that could be canceled or that we just do not want to gout in any bad weather to attend.

My wife and I go over my research and we place everything that we may even remotely like to do onto our first activity calender. Now, our 2-3 week trip has a number of days locked down with interesting events for us to attend, if we really want to.


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