A Winter Camping Trip – Pre-Planning Day-4

Don and Helen – Just Chillin’

We have done this packing thing a lot of times over the years and there are certain things that we have learned the hard way.

Here is a rule for traveling to your second home that I think everyone should all keep in mind;

PACK ONLY what you absolutely know you will need.

Superfluous Crap is Superfluous Crap and it will drag you down hauling things that you do not need back and forth for every visit!

And, if you really end up needing certain other things in your camper, either buy one while camping or make a note to purchase one before your next trip.

You are not a long-haul trucker, you are going camping so only take the least number of items back and forth that you can get away with.

Here are some things that we do not haul to and from our Camper;

Fresh Foods – We only take a cooler with Sodas and a couple of sandwiches on our trips back and forth. There are too many supermarkets that we can go to when we need to stock up for our stay, once we get there.
Bathroom Items – I mean really! Just how much do such things as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, soap and other such bath items cost? Keep some of these items in your camper.
Casual Clothes – My wife and I are old enough that we have plenty of clothes that are no longer fashionable but are in great shape. These extra clothes stay in the camper. We don’t go to many fancy affairs when back in our camper, so why hauls your newest clothes back and forth.. We are there to enjoy life and ours is a casual life.
Kitchen Items –  Dishes, good knives, coffee pots, beer mugs, and other such common and typically cheap items. Again, over the years we have collected way too many of these anyway, so we have plenty to leave in the camper.
Other Items – An old pair of walking shoes, old bath towels, old bed linens, old salt and pepper shakers, old flip-flops, old robe to wear to bathhouse, old socks, old underwear, old throw rugs, all go into our camper permanently and get a new lease on life as we start using them longer.

This list includes just a few of the things we do not not haul back and forth to our camper but handle by keeping them in the camper all of the time..

by DON Bobbitt, 2013


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