A Winter Camping Trip – Pre-Planning Day-3

Snow in Lynchburg – pic by DON Bobbitt

When you decide to use your camp year round round, but only occasionally during the Winter season, there is a certain amount of forethought required when you consider what to leave in your camper.


If you are a full-timer then there is no problem with your camper “stuff”..
Once you pull out, that’s it! You are going to get by with what you have, once you pull out and it sinks in that you are not coming back to the old home place.
AS you travel, those first few days, you find out what you really need.
If you use and need a coffee pot, then you get one. If you like to watch TV, then you get one installed. If you need a pair of long-john underwear, then, the same thing, you get a pair.
In other words, you will get whatever you really need and can still get into your Camper.
A Full-Timer, at least after a couple of months on the road, is set up and prepared with what they really need to enjoy their life on the road..


If you are a part-timer then the problem is a little more complicated, but you still get to load up your :”stuff” while your camper is near your home.
Oh, you might have to make a number of trips as you ready your camper for your vacation trip or even for an extended trip, but you do eventually get your camper loaded before you pull out.


OK, I just coined a new phrase for what I am actually doing. 2ND HOME CAMPING!

Having my Camper set up on what is essentially a Home Site four states and over 700 miles away forces you to take a very careful look at exactly what stays where. The thought process is similar to having a second home with only a small amount of floor space and storage available.

And therein lies my problem. We have a number of things in the camper that stays there all of the time. Things like dishes, linens, some of our seasonal clothing, and other such items that we feel we would not need in out Florida home.

And of course, rather than just hopping into a car and running to the camper, we do have certain things that we need to take with us on each visit.

Our method of preparation might seem a little strange. We have officially started a pile of “stuff” in the middle of the floor of our second bedroom. This pile, that will end up going with us, must meet two constraints.

First, it must all fit into the car along with my Wife and I. Secondly, it must include everything we will want to wear or use over our 2-3 weeks in Lynchburg Virginia.

Oh, and one other thing will be complicating what is in categories 1 and 2.
We will be there over Christmas. So God help us, our SUV will be packed tighter than a Tick on an Elephants Ass!



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