A Winter Camping Trip – Pre-Planning Day-1

Lynchburg Snow – Pic by DON Bobbitt

Camping in the Winter
As you may remember from my other posts, I placed my 5th-wheel camper on a site in Lynchburg Virginia so that I could use it in the Winter.
Our goal was to visit our Kids and Grandchildren more often and at the same time save money by avoiding the high costs of hotel rooms and eating out far too often.

A Year Round Campsite
By placing our camper on a site, we got the best of both worlds. Our camper is getting used when it would normally be winterized, which is a great thing in itself, and  my wife and I essentially have ourselves a 2nd home to run away to for the cold half of the year.
And, oh yeah, we are retired to Florida, so we also have a place that we can go to, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and get a break from some of those HOT summer days.

So, we will be wintering in our camper for a little over two weeks during the Christmas holidays.
What we will be doing until we leave, of course is the detailed planning that you need to do so that your trip is a comfortable one, even in the cold and that there are no surprises that might disrupt our stay.
For your entertainment, I will be writing a series of Blog Posts that I hope will be helpful to my fellow winter campers.

So, for the next few days, I will be sitting with my iPad next to me and writing down notes not only about the trip and the stay, but also a calendar of what we are going to do for entertainment in my old Home town.

by DON BOBBITT, 2013

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