Autumn in Virginia – a Camping Trip – Day-5


It aint always pretty when you are Camping!

OK, all Campers know it, but they don’t like to admit it, especially to non-Campers. Often, they don’t even like to admit it to themselves. It rains in Campgrounds just like everywhere else. And, sometimes it rains for days, just like everywhere else.

We have actually been watching this storm that was heading our way for days now. It is the remnants of a Tropical Storm from the Gulf of Mexico, and it finally hit us this morning, right on schedule.

The bad thing is that it is going to rain all day.

The good thing is that it will be over and gone tonight. And starting tomorrow, we are looking forward to a week or more of sunshine and temperatures in the sixties/seventies during the day and lows in the low fifties at night.

In other words, this classic little Indian Summer we have been enjoying since we arrived in Lynchburg is ending and we will have true Autumn temperatures, along with sunshine, for at least a week.

Now that is something I look forward to; crisp night air to take casual walks and enjoy, along with the musty smells of dying Autumn leaves and perhaps a campsite bonfire.

Just a note for you out there who do not camp; a Camper can become a very small place if you have not prepared for inclement weather that confines you to that small living space inside your Camper.

You see, typically, you may have what you think is a roomy camper but in good weather, you spend most of your time outside doing things or at least just lounging in a chair in shade. You will generally only go inside to cook, eat and sleep.

But, along with bad weather comes the need to move inside for longer periods of time. And you had better be prepared to entertain yourself when this happens.

We are lucky enough to have a relatively roomy camper that has two TVs and a good antenna so we always have the local stations available over the air. And, we have a bag of over a dozen hardback books that we brought with us for entertainment, if needed.

You should always plan for a bad weather day or two on your camping trip, even if it is not projected to occur by the weather people. This is one instance when a little preparation can make a big difference in how you enjoy your camping trip.

We have a nice quiet day planned and if we do go out today, it will probably be just to pick up a few things for our Fridge and Pantry, so we are settled in.

Oh, and we did get over to the Sorgham Festival in Clifford Virginia yesterday, so I will write a little on that stop tomorrow.

by Don Bobbitt. 2013

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