Autumn in Virginia – a Camping Trip – Day-2


Well, Helen and I are old enough that after 14-hours on the road that we are pretty much Zombies the next day as our bodies go through their recovery mode.

We did slep late and when we did get up, we pulled out the Coffee pot ready for a fine cup of rejuvenating Java. And guess what?

We had not brought any Coffee with us. Of course, we spent a few lively minutes discussing who was supposed to pack what and finally I ended up driving over to a nearby supermarket to pick up some fresh grind of this very necessary morning beverage.

Eventually, after a few mugs of hot Coffee, we began to feel like we were actually alive again. For a while we rambled around the camper, just putting our stuff away and staring out at the beautiful Fall colors surrounding the Lake from our campsite.

Check out the picture. 


I got our WIFI Hotspot going and we both burned a couple of hours with emails, short messages, and I even paid a couple of bills. We only have over-the-air Local TV and during the day the channels available are really only good for generating noise. Knowing this, we had brought a number of books with us for entertainment.

Finally, around 4-PM, I walked out towards the lake just to stretch my legs and I caught the great shot you see below. I was relaxed and walking towards that tree with the beautiful red leaves in the picture when suddenly there was a loud fluttering noise.

I probably jumped at least ten feet into the air and as I landed, several very large Turkeys pounced from the tree to the ground.  Me? Well, I don’t think I am going to need an EKG for another year or so. Those big birds and the sudden noise did a great job of checking my Heart out.

After I calmed down, I grabbed my iPhone from my pocket and grabbed a few shots of these ugly birds and the surroundings.

As to the Turkeys? Well. I think they instinctively know that there are no gun allowed in our campground. They let me get within less than 10-feet from them before they walked arrogantly away and down to the lake, oblivious to my presence.

Later, we went up to the Clubhouse, had a nice dinner mixed with old friends and watched the locals while they had their “throw-off” for their Dart League.

A Pretty nice day overall.

by Don Bobbitt, 2013

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