Autumn in Virginia, a Camping Trip, Day-0 minus 1

Autumn in Poplar Forest
Autumn in Poplar Forest

A Camping Trip

OK, The Title needs some work but I am trying to get all of the best keywords onto one line, so what you see is what you will get.

Helen and I are going to drive up to Lynchburg Virginia in a few days and we will be spending several weeks staying in our camper that we have set up in a campground there.

And, while up there, in addition to visiting family and friends, we will be attending several of the many great Fall seasonal Festivals that will be in full swing while we are up there.

Add to that my love of photography and that the Autumn colors will be at their peak beauty on the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, I will be collecting a library of photographs to share with everyone.

We turned on the Coffee at 7AM this morning and started the process of packing the things we will need over the three-plus weeks we will be living in our camper.

Because we have only be up there once, we had to spend a significant amount of time pulling out our cold weather clothes and picking the ones we will just keep in the camper full time.

In addition to these select articles of clothing, we then packed our other clothes that will be traveling back and forth, regardless of the season.  This is a nuisance, hauling certain things back and forth, but unless you are a full-timer, you learn to accept this chore as a part of the camping lifestyle.

Basic Tool Needs:

I did add some things that anyone will need in a newly set up camper. Here are a few of the articles that everyone will use eventually;

  • Several Indoor Extension Cords, 6-10 feet long.
  • Several Indoor Power Surge Protectors.
  • A cheap but safe Ceramic Heater for nights.
  • Several Outdoor Extension cords, 25-feet long.
  • Basic Hand Tools; 1-Flat Blade Screwdriver, 1-Philips Screwdriver, 1-Pair of Pliers, 1-Pair of wire cutters, 1-Channel Lock Pliers, 1-Vice Grip Pliers, 1- Hammer, 1-Flashlight, 1-roll of duct tape, 1-roll of electrical tape, 1-roll of painters tape.

There are more thing that you will eventually need to keep in your new camper, but this list will get you through the first day or two anyway

So, watch my RV and Camping Site for, hopefully, daily updates on the local festivals, people, and sites; as well as our experiences while Autumn camping in the foothills of Virginia.

Me? Today? Well, Helen and I are going down to one of our favorite Tiki Bars, where we will meet up with friends and have a casual dinner and probably a glass of wine.

Then, back home and an early lights out because we will be getting up around 4-AM and hitting the road for the ‘Burg. It s a 13-hour drive so we will rotate driving and sleeping, with a number of “Pee and Stretch”stops along the way.

We want to get there at least an hour before Sunset, so we can set it up and turn everything on before it gets dark. Then, our adventure will truly begin.

by Don Bobbitt

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