Building a HOME-BASE Campsite – Part-1

Our New USED Camper on our new HOME-BASE Site

My wife and I recently accepted one of those inevitable facts of life as a traveling Camper.
That fact is that we have grown older and we are no longer in the physical condition to continue running around the country. Age has caught up with us and we had to make some hard decisions.

Changing our Camping Lifestyle

Don and Helen checking out a Tiki Bar

We realized that we had to get rid of our Motorhome.

And, even though that decision hurt and depressed us, we had to accept the fact that we are not the people we were ten years ago.
We couldn’t jump from campground to campground anytime we wanted.
We now had to plan our trips more around our doctor appointments than just going wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

But, we have loved camping for decades and we want to continue doing so for as long as we can.

A Camping Home-Base

To that end, we decided to drop back and get ourselves a nice used camper and place it on a Home-base site. Then, we could use our camper, while at the same time we could plan less trips but still visit those places we have grown to love as campers

Our children and grand-children live in Virginia and one of our requirements was that we wanted to be able to see them as much as possible.  So we shopped around and finally we found a campground that we could rent a site full-time that had a reasonable annual cost.

Once I had a site, we had been shopping for a good but reasonable priced camper to use when we wanted to get out. It took several months of shopping and a lot of disappointing deals that fell through, but we finally got a camper that filled our needs and had hauled to our new Home-Base.

Oh, I guess I should mention that for campers to have a Home-Base campground is not a new idea. In fact , over the years, I have met numerous older campers who had decided on doing the very same thing. And I don’t just mean Full-Timers who who usually do not own a fixed home anymore. I mean Most-Timers and even Part-Timers.

The concept of having a Home-Base just seems to suit a lot of campers, to go to a Home-Base rather than hop around the more commercial campgrounds.

Anyway, the picture you see here, was taken a few weeks after I had my camper placed onto my site. As you can see, the only thing that I have done, so far, is have my Son-in-Law build me a temporary set of steps to make getting in and out of our camper more easily.

I actually plan to improve my site even more over the next year, and I will be writing supplemental Posts on my progress and why.

More to come;

by Don Bobbitt

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