AC INVERTERS, Sometimes you just need a little AC Power

On the Road
On the Road

It doesn’t matter if you are driving a Big Class-A Coach, a Class-C Motorhome, or are towing your Tag-Along camper or fifth-wheel with your Truck.

At times you want to use your PC while on the road.

And, for some reason, regardless of what you are driving, there is no 110-VAC in the front seat area.

You might have one or two of the standard 12-VDC outlets available, but not 110-VAC.

What you find as a traveling camper is that you might want to run a mapping program, or just do a little writing or editing of old emails as you travel through the day.

No matter what the reason is, you are sitting up front and you want some AC Power. Not a lot, but just enough to keep your PC battery charged for the days  trip.

OH, I know, many of you have campers with built-in Inverter/Converters. These units operate off of your Chassis batteries and/or AC Generator and you just turn them on for the days drive.

But, honestly, if you are only needing a little power for your PC, why run your big system and draw your Chassis batteries down or waste gasoline on the generator, when there is a cheaper and easier solution for you.

A small, True Sinewave Converter can provide more than adequate power for your PC to operate on and you can purchase one for very little, as low as $40 – $50.

Plug one of these into your 12-VDC outlet, and you can use your PC or other accessory throughout the day, and at no additional operating cost.

And, if your PC or iPad has a built-in GPS capability, or even a GPS attachment, you can use one of the meany popular Mapping programs, with way-points, Rest Stops, Restaurants, Campgrounds, and more shown along the way, and on your large PC screen.

So, I recommend that every serious traveler or Camper get one of these little converters and make their trip safer and more enjoyable.


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