Fairground Foods – Taste Great, but Boy are they Bad for you.

Fairground, pic by hartman045 via Flickr
Fairground, pic by hartman045 via Flickr

Whether you are vacationing or just traveling around the country in your RV, you will often find that there is a Fair nearby.

And of course, Fairs are always entertaining and relatively cheap to attend, so many campers will spend a night at the Fair.

Well, the Fair with all of its’ games and shows, might be entertaining but there is nothing entertaining about health attributes of the foods that are usually served at these wonderful events.

I, personally, have gorged myself on these treats for years without a care in the world about how bad they were for me.

But now, I am at the point in life that I am fighting what some people call “the Battle of the Bulge“, I am more careful about what I eat and these wonderful Fairground foods are no longer on my “guilt free” food list.

Just to give you some perspective on how bad some of these delicious Fairground standards are for you, I have listed a number of the worst ones below.

Bacon, Chicken Fried – each thick slice of bacon is breaded and then dep-fried. and one piece has over 475 calories.

French Fries ( 6-7 ounces) – this popular standard snack has over 550 calories and 25 grams of Fat.

Funnel Cake –  This delectible dessert snack has over 700 Calories and 44 grams of fat

Hot Dogs – The Great American “weiner on a bun”, before condiments are added, has over 300 Calories and 14 grams of Fat

Ice Cream  Cone – (8-ounces) – The typical Large Cone of Ice Cream has over 500 Calories and 20 grams of fat.

Onion Rings fried (ten) – Again, Deep fried and crammed with almost 300 Calories and 17 grams of fat.

Twinkie (deep fried) – This famous American Snack, when breaded and deep-fried has over 400 Calories and 35 grams of fat

OK! Now that I have scared some of you and depressed the others with yet another warning about foods that you enjoy, let’s try to be real.

Here is a little TIP for you to follow when you go to a Fairground.

You go to a Fair to enjoy yourself, so I think you should enjoy yourself. But do not starve yourself all day so you can go to a Fair and eat several of these food time bombs.

Eat at your camper before you go to the Fair and then at some point treat yourself with just one of these tasty foods as a snack and you will love yourself a little more the next morning.

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