Campsite Idea: Food Waste and Wildlife Do Not Mix


Every Camper eventually learns this lesson. And I, like many, have learned it the hard way.

You must manage your campsite very aggressively to minimize the chance that your site might draw Insects, and even worse, Animals.

Remember, you are camping in their world, not your safe and densely populated  suburb or city. In their world, they spend their lives looking for food, to survive, and they have no problem, if they smell something that might be edible, walking right in and taking it.

Once you understand this, you need to take the appropriate steps to keep your campsite free of temptations for these wild critters.

There are several things that a Camper should do several times a day and especially at night, to reduce the chance of having surprise visitors;

  1. Keep multiple throw-away trash bags available in strategic places for the collection of any food waste.
  2. Make sure that you and your fellow campsite users place ALL of their leftovers and even food wrappers in these trash bags.
  3. Collect these bags several times a day and carry them away from your campsite to whatever trash collection facility the campground provides. 
  4. Before Bed– Have all of your fellow campers walk your site along with you and pick up any loose food related trash, bag it, and haul it to your campground trash collection site so that your campsite is as food and odor free as possible.

If you keep this trash under control several times a day, you will greatly reduce the chances of having uninvited visitors, at your campsite.



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