Campsite Idea: Use a Tarp on the Ground


Use a Tarp on the Ground!

This is a quick Campsite Idea that every camper should consider.

If you are going to be camped for a longer period of time than just an overnight stay, you should use a tarp on the ground.

Whether you are a tent camper, or a drive a big motorhome, there are a number of advantages to setting your tent or even your Big Rig on top of a cheap tarp.

Here are a few reasons for doing this:

  1. The tarp will give your tent, especially, or even a camper, a certain level of isolation from ground water or other moisture.
  2. The tarp will isolate, to a degree, isects from the underside of your equipment.
  3. The tarp is easier to sweep and keep clean than the ground itself and will reduce the level of dirt tracked into your tent or camper.
  4. If you are staying for a longer period of time, such as a week or two, or for a season, the tarp will keep the growth of grass and weed down and keep the campground grass mowers away from your tent or camper and other equipment.

Try it out. It has always worked well for me and for a lot of my fellow campers.



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