How to Set Up a Good RV Campsite

A Typical RV Campsite
A Typical RV Campsite

How to Set Up Your RV Campsite

by Don Bobbitt

Everyone who owns a Camper, from a small Pop-Up, to one of the Big Rig coaches, has their own ideas of what a campsite should look like.

Well, after a number of years Camping in everything from Tents (when we were young) to our Motorhome of today, I have developed a campsite layout that has been hard-learned.

Looking back, over the years, I have purchased so many “cute or cool” items that turned out to be useless in a real campsite, that I wrote an article on this subject, which lists what I have evolved to, now.

If you are interested in my article, click on the link below to read what I think you will find as useful and valuable information, especially for a Newbie Camper.

How to Set Up your RV Campsite

What the Heck! It’s free!



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