I just shut down my old Website on CxxxMax.


Until today, I had a website that I started almost 8 years ago, with what was a little startup company.

At the time, I spent literally months researching the best and most flexible options, storage and other options that I wanted in a personal website. After much work, I came up with a choice and jumped into the fray, using templates, reviewing legalities, financial constraints for stores, and photo rights, and on and on.

As the company grew, adding more and more functions for me, I of course, had to go back and relearn how to make the most of the company’s capabilities. And, I was happy for several years, constantly building a better site.

Oh, the price was good at first, but as the competition grew, my companies price stayed the same while offering less.

Recently, I decided that I had to go back and again look at what was available to me from my existing web company, as opposed to the many others I had heard people brag about. The interesting thing I realized was that my company had lured me into a sense of complacency about what I had versus what I really needed.

These many new companies, I soon found out, had better options and tools for my needs, and often, I saw that I could do what I wanted to get done using them, much cheaper, and much easier.

But, Have you ever shut down a website after years of customization, and of course sweat? It took it a long time for me to “get the hatchet out and cut the head from the chicken”.

But I did it ……… Today!

So, I am sporadically working this site into something I need for one project, and I am going to start another site for yet another project. And, the great thing is, I am going to do these for about 10-percent of what my old website cost me.


I will update this Post after I get the other site going. I can’t wait.



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