My PC Crashed on me.

Boy, It’s really tough when your PC starts it’s trip down the road to a crash.


Over a week ago, it started to slow down running pretty much anything. And it would take forever to finally come up when powered on.

So, I ended up running all of the windows and Toshiba diagnostics I could find and eventually got indications that the hard drive was in trouble.

I ran even more repair programs, cleaned up my messy file storage; organizing some and eliminating a lot of the other outdated ones.

I de-fragged the drive and ran full antivirus and other malware tools hoping to save the PC.

But, it was all to no avail. My trusty 4-year old Toshiba was in the midst of going into it’s own form of electronic Alzheimer’s.

So, after a complete backup of my personal stuff and a couple of days of research, I accepted the reality fo the situation and went online on a serious technical and pricing search for what would meet my needs at the highest quality and the lowest price.

ANd, guess what, I ended up driving to Best Buy and purchased a new, but cheap PC.

Little did I know though, that the transition from Windows-7 to Windows-8 would be such a task.

I am now in my third day of “making Windows-8 work for me”.

So, I feel that once I get this transition over with and a working PC is sitting on my lap, there will be a new article written on this “New and Grand” Operating system, along with what a real PC user will run into.

At this point, my warning is that everyone should know that the transition will not be easy.



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