My First Day on WordPress

Well, Here I am,

crawling through the setup and customization of my first WordPress Site.

I am; a story-teller, a traveler, and a writer of Short-Stories, Books and such.

Some of my stuff is good and some is probably not-so-good. At least in some peoples eyes, I am sure.

Hangin in Wauchula, FL

Regardless, other people’s opinions aside, I have traveled the US and the World over my life. And, when it was possible, I and my wife have been Campers. When my wife and I were younger and our kids were small, we traveled and used tents and ancient small campers that I could buy cheaply, As we got older we went through a variety of Travel Campers and Motorhomes as we traveled the US, either on vacations or later as we retired and just roamed to whatever was down the road and around the next bend.

We travel a little less not, but we are still active campers and we have a lot of knowledge to share with others.

The purpose of this site is to provide such information for our fellow campers to reference when they need information or help on the road.

As I figure this WordPress world out, I will be adding and improving this site to a point that you, my fellow campers will consider it a useful site for valuable information, and return to it regularly.

Well, back to the books!


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