I was Just THINKIN’ about how fast I hit the limits of this theme.


As I suspected, I have hit the wall using this “Theme” on WordPress.

So, After a bit of research, it seems that I can use one of the WordPress PREMIUM themes.

Or, I can go to a third-party offering.

It looks like ATAHUALPA might do the job, if i can figure out the “Developer Speak” about how to Download, and Upload and install the DARN thing.

Well, Here Goes!

And, BTW! I would love some directions or advice for someone who really doesn’t want to be a programmer.


3 thoughts on “I was Just THINKIN’ about how fast I hit the limits of this theme.

  1. For What It’s Worth — people don’t visit because you have a cute “theme.”

    Whether you’ve hit the limits of the theme, or just discovered that this theme doesn’t fit your personality — now that’s a different question. The big question is what do you want to do with your blog and what features are important.

    And there’s nothing wrong with changing your theme from time to time. I know I have done so.

    If you are talking about downloading themes then I assume you are self-hosting? Theme changes are incredibly easy if you are.

    The biggest challenge is not in finding the perfect theme, but in deciding why you are writing and whether what you have to offer is of value to the people you think will be your readers. If readers are even your concern. A lot of us aren’t writing as much for our readers as we are writing for our own private reasons, not the least of which is staying in touch with friends and family left behind when we went mobile — or are attempting to do so.

    Welcome to the big family.


    1. Peter,
      I understand what you are saying.
      But, my situation is, I hope a little different. You see, I have been writing on HP for almost 4 years now, and they have evolved to being a relatively restrictive site for creative writing, and now prefer that their Hubs be commercial.
      Without going into details, I am trying out WP to see if it is a good site for my creative writing and not be subjected to such heavy commercialization.
      Anyway, I will keep learning until I find the limits of WP for myself.
      Thanks for your Comment,


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