A Review of the GARMIN nuvi465T GPS Navigator for your RV

GARMIN nuvi465T Navigator – pic by GARMIN

Using your GARMIN GPS Navigator – the Nuvi465 for CAR, TRUCK and RV drivers

This article is my review of the GARMIN nuvi465T GPS Navigator unit.

I have been using mine for almost a year now and I consider it the absolute best NAVIGATOR for the price and functionality for any RV owner.

It can be used in the CAR mode or the TRUCK mode if you are traveling in your RV, and be assured that you are using a quality unit that is providing you with real-time data for your safety and traveling confidence.

Click on the link above to read my more detailed review of this great unit.


If you are interested in the nuvi465T, click on this link to find the latest and lowest pricing on AMAZON.

GARMIN nuvi465T available on AMAZON


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