Starting Out in Camping —— AGAIN!

Helen and I are in our sixties, and we worked hard all of our lives, saving what we could along the way, while raising three kids.  Finally, our physical conditions forced us to retire several years ago, and we sold our home, and bought a nice retirement home in the Myrtle Beach area of SC, and settled down to enjoy ourselves and enjoy the good life, as they say.

We did all of the things new retirees do the first year or so of our retirement, and after a while we began to tire of most of them. And, it did not take very long before we developed a case of “cabin fever” and we both knew that we had to come up with something productive and interesting to do, or we would go crazy.

Considering both of our physical limitations, we finally settled on getting back into camping.  This was something we did for a number of our early years of marriage, that we and the Kids had really enjoyed.

Once we decided on camping, we started to research the world of camping and campers to pick what level and type of camping we really wanted to do, and that could we afford!

So, with both of us on the web daily, and subscribing to camping-centric magazines, it only took us about six-months to settle on what we really wanted, and those were:

  • we wanted a Class-A or Class-C Motorhome
  • we wanted minimal setup and shutdown labor involved
  • we wanted nice day-to-day comforts — no HE-MAN wood chopping, mud, cold, etc. (Been There and Done That in our younger years!)
  • we wanted something that we would drive, and be able to take advantage of the Wal-Marts, rest areas and parking lots of America when traveling and feel safe and comfortable when we pulled over to rest and eat.
  • we wanted a nice Kitchen so we could prepare and eat our favorite meals, and continue to experiment with new foods and new recipes, as we are avid cooks and LOVE Good Food.
  • Oh, Yeah, and we needed room enough for my wifes clothes!

We felt we could get these and others of our needs filled with a Class-A, and then the big “BUT” slapped us in the face.  You know ——-“BUT we knew nothing about Class-A RVs; not manufacturers, not models, not pricing, not values, NOTHING!

What to do?  What to Do?

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