On the Road for the Winter ….. I Hope!

Well, we have been dealing (or is it not dealing?) with our RV Fridge problem for over two months now, and we just finally decided to do something!

We loaded up the RV, which took us three days, believe it or not, and we hit the road.

We decided that we could handle living out of coolers for a few weeks, at least, and still be on the road, to ………. SOMEWHERE!.

So, we pulled out yesterday, and drove up to Lynchburg, and are presently parked in our daughters driveway.

We will spend a few days with our kids and grandkids, and visit a few other relatives and some friends, and then we will head west.

On the drive up, I discovered that, in this cooler weather, our Fridge does seem to operate, somewhat in the LP-Gas mode.  SO, if this holds up, we can keep our fresh stuff cold as we hop across the country, and we will just have to use a couple of coolers for drinks and ice.

Once we get to the West coast, I guess we will attempt to get our Fridge fixed by someone out there.

I don’t hold out much hope though, as it seems that Dometic has shut down their factory in Sweden back in July, and haven’t finished building their new factory in Elkhart, IN.  ANything that they are shipping seems to be just what they have in their warehouse over there.

From this, even my simple mind can figure out that parts are going to be scarce for a while yet.

Dometic, though, just doesn’t seem to be worried about customers with parts problems.  Their standard response is; maybe in the next shipment in two weeks?

Ya just gotta love em!

Anyway, I will get online tomorrow and re-route our trip to take into effect that our starting point is no longer in SC, but in VA.

Should be fun, Huh?

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