On the Road to Florida

IT feels SO GOOD to be on the road again!

Helen and I spent all day yesterday loading the RV up with our stuff.  It actually turned into a bit of a challenge.

You see, we both have a lot of Family and many old Friends in Lynchburg VA.  We were both born and raised in the area, and sad to say, we do not get back there as often as we should.  So, we will try to get in all of our Holiday visiting with people early, before we head to Florida.

Because we were going to Lynchburg for a couple of weeks, we needed to pack at least a few strategic pieces of clothing for the Cold, while saving as much of our storage for our warm weather clothing that we will need when we get to Florida.

We finally got the clothing thing done, and then we packed all of those things you believe you will need, but you rarely end up using.  Then late last night we loaded all of the perishables we might want over the next few weeks, and finally finished around 6:30 PM.

We got a good nights sleep, and were up, and at it, this morning at 6:30AM.  You know, doing those last few things that you forgot the day before.

We said our Goodbyes to our friends, and hit the road.

It was a pretty uneventful trip, except for the last couple of hours as we neared Lynchburg.  The wind had gotten up, and I was doing some of that White-Knuckle driving.  But all ended well and we are now all hooked up at our daughters house.

One thing that might be of interest to you RVers.

We retired to the Myrtle Beach area of SC, and our previous most efficient trips were up some back roads, over to US-95, and then onto US-40, and then taking NC-86 from Hillsborough over to Danvile VA, where we took US-29 to Lynchburg.

I had been told that US-74 was completed from Lumberton, NC over to Rockingham,NC.  so I put it into my GPS software, and boy was it a nice drive.

So our new route will be from our home over to Chadbourn, NC (about 35 miles of 2-lane).  At Chadbourn, we took US-74, all the way to Rockingham, where we then took US-220 to Greensboro, NC.

Greensboro itself has about 6 miles of dangerous driving (narrow roads, heavy traffic, several lane swaps, etc.), but you are out of there in just a few minutes, and then it is smooth sailing all the way to Lynchburg.

And, according to my Garmin, it was about 15 minutes quicker than the old way.

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