Not Full-timers —– Yet!

We are not Full-Timers Yet!

W want to be, but we have certain Health constraints that we are working very hard at managing so we can be Full-Timers for a few years.  We have mentioned the Health conditions we both have, and I feel that all of them are manageable if we planwell and set-up everything just right.

We have met a lot of people that are Part-Timers, and they tend to define that as taking one 3+ month trip a year, plus a couple of short 1 or 2 week trips.

Helen and I call ourselves Most-Timers, because we return to our home in Myrtle Beach when we need to tend to Doctor Visits, Our House, our Cars, Legal Issues, or most importantly our Family in Virginia and NorthCarolina.  You think about it:—– two people, with Dentists, GP Doctors, both with Orthopaedic Doctors, my Nephrologist, add Colonoscopies, Eye Exams, my new case of Diabetes, and we are going crazy to get on the road and heal, if nothing else.

The wanderlust sets in after about 3-4 weeks at home, and we really try to get things done and wrapped up as quickly as possible, so we can hit it again.

So, Most-Timers it is, for us, for now, with a steely eye on Full-Time RVing.

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