Day 2 and 3 waiting while the Wife is away.

OK, day-2 was a little rough the next morning!

Way too many Jalapeno’s and different cheeses and onions and green peppers and spices.

Oh …… and corn chips!

Looked good!

Smelled Great!

Tasted Fantastic!

Next Morning?  Not such a great idea in the copious quantities that they were consumed.

So, my plans for yesterday were dramatically modified so I could stay in the house and near the throne!

As to my “Open Display” food management plan on the counter top?

Well, I have had a couple of accidents that dumped enough stuff onto the floor so that when I finally walk into the kitchen, I am greeted with a medley of crunching sounds with each step I take.

I was going to vacuum, but then I figured that;  What the Heck!

Leave it and just vacuum the kitchen ONCE, the day before Helen gets home.

As to the crunching sounds from the crushed chips?

I had a great idea.

I put a pair of Crocs at the doorway into the kitchen, and slip them on when I go into the kitchen, and back off when I leave.

Working Great so far.

Today? internal systems are back to functioning properly, so I will be down at the RV for a couple of hours tinkering with that noisy roof fan in the kitchen.

I will either fix it, or make sure that it is so broken that it will need to be replaced. I do have standards you know!

PS. You know those Eggs that you can pour from a carton?
I found some this morning, in the back of the fridge.
A note to you all ……… Don’t spill that stuff on a rug!
What a sticky mess!
I decided to let it dry and maybe I can rub it off then.
Wish me luck.

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