Back Home and Preparing for our TRIP

I can’t believe that I have been so long without posting to my Blog.

But ….. I do have an excuse, if you will allow me.

Right after the last post, I went through a series of physical problems that sapped my desire to write.  I say physical problems and not illness’ because I wasn’t realy sick the whole time, I just went from one probem to another.

First, we had arrived in the TT-Clermont FL campground, and I got food poisoning at a local restaurant ….. twice in two weeks.  Each time, I had the typical symptoms of nausea and diarrhea. This, of course, screwed my system up, and I went into several days of Gout.

Now Gout, is very painful, and really restricts your movements.  And the cure, for me as a transplant recipient, is the drug Colcisine.  A regimen of this pill also makes you sick and gives you a strong case of diarrhea for several days.

Perhaps you now see the trend here?  A lot of Nausea and Diarrhea.  Great for weight loss, but it really makes you weak and lethargic.

Add to this the fact that I am a new Diabetic, and I spent the time at campgrounds, sitting in the RV, sick and taking my appropriate drugs for the symptoms of the day.

Now, during this time, I did have a day or two at a time that I didn’t hurt, but never really got my strength back, or my desire to write.

Well, we finally returned to our home in MB, and I have my strength back, along with a clear non-drug-befuddled head.  So, I am giving this update to our travels. There were several interesting things that happened that I will write about in the next few days, along with our planning process for a short summer trip in May-June.  And, I really do have to start the process of planning our West Coast trip.

That’s it for now, and Have a Good Day!

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