A Typical Pull Out??

What a start for a 6-month trip!

We talked the CW in MB into actually finishing the installation of our Fridge last night, so they, of course, made the mechanic work over until it was installed and working OK.

Then, as instructed, he parked the Rig outside of CW for us to take our unit early and hit the Road!

Well, we got up at 5:30 this morning. Yes, I said, 5:30AM!

We packed our fridge stuff, our overnight bag, and of course Helen had to sanitize the house because Star is coing down for the weekend and using our house, and we drove in the dark of night down to the CW store.

We finally got down to the RV, loaded up, and pulled up to a Gas station that sells Diesel, and I can get my Rig into with the Jeep tied to it.

Guess What?

6:30 in the morning is when all of the Beer and Cola distributors deliver their goods for the day to these roadside establishments.

And ………… Just guess where they park?  Right at the end of the long line of fuel pumps, which b ythe way is where they put their only Diesel fuel pump.

So, I had to go inside and ask;  “Which one of you is the Miller guy, and which one is the Bud guy?

Well, out of 5 different guys in there, two of them lifted their heads with a very impressive scowl, and both of them said; ME, WHY?

I stepped back a bit and then I responded.

“Hey Guys, I have an RV out side and I need to get to the Diesel pumps, and you guys are blocking them.”

Well, Their scowls deepened and one said;
“I got about twenty more minutes before I am finished”,
and the other looked at me as he wanted to remove some of my organs, and said,
“and I need more time than that”.

I just smiled at them both and responded;
“Well, I am presently blocking the road, going down to a subdivision, and there are already two cars out there with pissed off people in them.”

“I’ll just go out there and tell them that you two guys need more time, and they should talk to you?”

“Who Knows?” I said;  ” Maybe a Cop will drive up and I can explain to him why I can’t move my Rig because you two are blocking the pumps and are too busy to move your trucks.”

As I turned to go out the door, I heard several strings of profanities thrown at me but the two guys actually got to their trucks, before I could get to my Rig.

As they moved, to where they should have been anyway, by the way,I smiled and waved to them, mouthing the words “Thank You!” over and over.

I filled up ($236 poorer) and I hit the road “South  Bound and Down”, as the song goes.

We put in a good 7-1/2 hours in the RV with only a couple of “Stretch, Pee and Eat” stops.

Finally I was south of Atlanta (daily goal #1), and into Alabama (daily goal #2), so we looked for a CG to crash in for the night.
No Wally-World and No Rest Area, tonight.
I wanted AC, Hot Food, Cold Wine, and a good nights sleep.
I plan to run tomorrow!

So, We are presently sitting in a CG in LaGrange, Ala. and:    OMG!     OMG!     OMG!

I will have to tell you about this place after we leave in the morning.

What a Dump!  (but with Good Intentions!)

The Adventure has begun!

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