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Pulling Out Soon!

Helen and I are pulling out for 5-6 months of running around in Florida and ???(mayme other points) in about a month.  So, as you can imagine, we have been spending a lot of thime getting ready for our trip.  A lot of that time is being spent adding a lot of little things to our RV for our personal convenience and comfort.

We just purchased our RV in January, and we had done a lot to our old RV, and we have been busy this Fall implementing the same kind of things on our new unit.

First,  we have a 2008 Holiday Rambler Neptune XL 38-foot Diesel Pusher with 4-slides.  It has a Cummins 340 hp engine, and the Ariens 6-speed Automatic Transmission, and has a RoadMaster Chassis.  This is for your reference.

Chassis Service:

I have put over 8200 miles on it since it’s purchase, and decided that considering the length of our trip coming up (in and out of CG’s in FL), I should probably get the Chassis serviced, you know, Just-In-Case.

ConsidEring that Monaco went Bankrupt on me (and others), I no longer have a Warranty.  And considring that the local Dealer went Bankrupt on me, I no longer had my favorite Service Center to use.  Well, after some searching and conversations, I eventually found a local Diesel Shop that not only worked on RV’s, but had a good reputation as being professional and efficient.

So I decided to get the service done by them, and have just received my RV back.

The reason I am writing this is to let you know what Info they needed, and the actual parts that finally used on my unit.  You see, the Owners Manual had a few errors, and luckily I had left it with him for reference, but there wer still some problems that had to be overcome.

When I left the unit I told the Manager of the Shop what I wanted done, which included;

  • Replace the Fuel Filters
  • Replace the Air Filter if necessary,
  • Check all Belts and adjust if necessary
  • Change the Engine Oil and Oil Filter
  • Drop the Leveling Jacks, and lubricate the fittings and grease the Jack Legs.
  • Grease all suspension fittings
  • Grease any Chassis fittings
  • Check and Adjust the Brake linings.
  • Check the Air Brake System
  • Give the Chassis an overall check for any potential problems.

Well, I was billed for 3-hours of Labor, and the specific parts used were:

  • 7182-          Oil Filter
  • 15W40        Engine Oil (20-quarts
  • P551003     Fuel Filter
  • 3966           Fuel Filter
  • Misc Shop Supplies

I hope this can be of some help to some of you Holiday Rambler, or Cummins, or RoadMaster owners  out there.  The Shop did a good job, and they were on time.  I couldn’t ask a lot more.

Have a god Day!

Don Bobbitt



  1. Anonymous, My 2008 had a similar problem. I ended up bending my rear flap so bad that I had to remove it in a campground in Florida and haul it around until I got home 2 weeks later. There, I had a guy at a garage take it apart and straighten it out. The reason that I took it to a garage was that the HR dealer said tat it was installed properly and that it was my fault that I had camped in a site with a steep entrance. HA! Anyway, because of these clearance problems, I was always careful and checked every campsite that I pulled into for the rest of the time that I owned the Rig.


  2. We just bought a 2007 Holiday Rambler Neptune. It bottoms out as we leave our driveway. The mud flap flattens out and the muffler and hitch clear it by about an inch. Has anyone had this problem and what can we do to resolve it.Thanks, Ginny


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