VINEGAR – A General Cleanser – ECO-FEIENDLY


We all need to adjust our lives towards a more Eco-Friendly lifestyle.  As Campers and RVers, we should adopt as many habits, tools, and lifestyle changes as possible to preserve and improve the environment we live in.  To this end, here is a great ECO-FRIENDLY TIP.. Sometimes these are just small steps, but if we all use them we can make a big difference for the Planet.

General Cleaner: Vinegar

Here is a very good suggestion for a General Cleanser to use in and on your RV or Camper.


One thing that anyone can do, is use a combination of White Vinegar and water for many of your generic cleaning chores.  It is great for removing grease and dirt from; Kitchen Appliances, Counter tops, Tile/Linoleum floors, Stainless Steel sinks, and synthetic tabletops.


Put a 50-50 mixture in a spray bottle and keep it handy for your day-to-day cleaning chores.

As a note:  If the smell is a little too strong for you, you can add a few drops of Lemon Oil or your other favorite scent, to your mixture to improve the smell after using it.

In your RV, try it for cleaning your Shower Stall, Sinks, Toilets, Tire Rims and HubCaps, and it will also clean and remove many Carpet stains.  You can run the mixture through your drip Coffee Maker to clean it out, and get the grime and grease from around your Stove burners (of course, make sure that the gas is turned off).  According to an article I recently read, you can even use it, (mixed with water) as a Hair Rinse to remove buildup and bacteria, if desired. Sure, there are some cleaning problems that Vinegar just will not handle, but it should be the first cleaner you reach for.

Remember, if everyone, takes these small steps, and just overall reduces the daily use of the harsher chemical cleaners, it will better for us all.

The key point again, is that Vinegar is a wonderful natural cleanser for many things, and the great kicker here is that it is so cheap, that everyone should have it in their RV not only for cooking, but as a General Cleaner and reduce using those harsh Chemical Concoctions, as much as possible.

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