Home Remedies for RV’ers and Campers

When you are traveling, you sometimes need to be creative when dealing with household and health situations, because you just cannot carry everything in your RV that you have in your home. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never leave home without your required medications, as well as a well-prepared First Aid Kit.

But many times you have situations pop up, that you need a remedy for, that you did not prepare for. The following is a collection home remedies and alternatives from various magazines, other campers, manufacturers, etc. for improving or eliminating pesty problems or temporarily relieving some simple health issues.

CAUTION: You still need to read the labels of all items carefully, for your safety ,and always use common sense, Please! As a disclaimer, I do not accept any responsibility for whatever happens (good or bad) if you try any of these remedies listed in this document. If you try one of these, and it works or if it does not, let me know. Also, If you have a Remedy of your own that works for you, send it to me and I will probably add it to this list.

Proposed Remedy/Solution:



Anti-Fog Glasses and Goggles
Coat the lens’ with Colgate Toothpaste and then wipe off.
Spray WD-40 on the area of pain and rub it in.
Athletes Feet
Mix Cornstarch and Hot water, and soak feet.
Baked on Food
Soak overnight in water with 2 Efferdent tablets.
Bee Stings
Apply a Meat Tenderizer to a Bee Sting for relief
Bicycle Chain sticking
Use PAM cooking spray if no other lubricant is available.
Burn (Minor)
Colgate or Crest toothpaste works well for temporary relief.
Burnt Tongue
Pour some sugar on it for relief.
CD scratches
Apply Peanut Butter (Smooth), and then wipe it off with a Coffee Filter.
Chigger Bite
Apply Preparation H for relief
Chigger Bite
Place Fingernail polish onto the bite, and the larvae will suffocate within a day and you can pop it off to heal.
Clean Toilet stains
Use a mixture of Kool-Aid and water to clean stubborn Toilet stains.
Dandruff (Heavy)
Pour Vinegar on your scalp to loosen and remove dandruff.
Make a Tea of Ginger (1-tbs Ginger & Hot water) and drink it 3 times daily to stop Diarrhea.
For relief of Diarrhea, boil some Rice and drink the water.
Dirty Grout
Use Listerine to cut the dirt and/or place some toothpaste on a moist rag or sponge and scrub.
Facial Treatment
Elmer’s Glue – paint on your face, allow it to dry, peel off and you will see the dead skin and blackheads lifted off.
(To Dry) Fingernail Polish
Use PAM Cooking Spray
Fleas in the Carpet
Use 20-Mule Team Borax and let it sit for 24 hours before removing.
Fungus (on Toenails or fingernails)
Use Vicks Vapor-Rub on the nails to reduce or kill the Fungus.
Grass Stains
Karo Syrup will break grass stains down, but can present a job removing the Syrup later, so do not leave it on too long.
Grease Stains
Coca Cola will clean many grease stains
Hair Conditioner
Budweiser Beer.
Hair Conditioner
Cool Whip works well, but will take about 15 minutes to soak in.
Hair Conditioner
If your hair is really Dry then try Mayonnaise as a Conditioner to get some oils back into your hair.
Drink some Ginger tea (1-tbs Ginger Powder and Hot water) to sooth Headaches.
Immune System
Eat Garlic regularly to boost your Immune System.
Insect Stings
WD-40 will ease the pain.
Inflamed Eyes
If ou have any Carrots, cook them to a mush, place this in a moist cloth, and place this over your eyes to sooth them.
Mayonnaise will kill lice.
Menstrual Cramps
Chamomile Tea will help reduce Menstrual Cramps.
First, cut up a small cheap sponge into 1-inch squares. If you then place a few drops of Peppermint Oil on the Sponges, and place them in the Baggage Compartments, the Mice will go away. Re-juvenate the Peppermint Oil on the sponges every 6-8 weeks, for an ongoing solution.
First of all, If you are going outside, be sure you are clean, as Mosquitoes love sweat.
If possible, head for high, dry ground, also a nice wind also helps keep them away.
Mouth Wash. Putting a little Listerine in a spritzer, and spraying your legs and arms will keep them away for a while.
To ease the itching from Mosquito bites, rub the sites with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar.
Paper Cut
Super Glue or ChapStick. Glue is used instead of sutures in many hospitals, and works well with cuts to protect them from germs, and .seal them for healing
Poison Ivy Rash
To prevent the rash from Poison Ivy, if you brush against the plant, immediately wash the area with warm water and soap, then wipe the cleaned area with Alcohol pads
Puffy Eyes
Apply a little Preparation-H to the eyelids, keeping away from the eyes.
Paint removal from hands
Use PAM cooking spray.
Remove Labels from glassware
Rub with Peanut Butter
(For) Shiny Hair
Use Brewed Lipton Tea
Sore Throat
Steep Sage leaves in hot water, and make a tea. Drink the Tea to sooth a sore throat.
It seems that a good temporary remedy for Spiders, and some other insects is the good old Flea-&-Tick collar. If you cut a new collar up into small 1-inch pieces, and place them in the corners of all of your rooms in your RV, it will keep the Spiders away. Of course, they need to be replaced regularly, just as they would on your pet.
Stains on Clothes
Use toothpaste on a cloth to rub stains and wash off.
Stinky Feet
Soak your feet in a Jello mixture.
Stomach Gas
Chamomile Tea will help reduce Stomach Gas.
Empty a large Jar of Instant Nestea into your bath water and soak.
Swollen Eyes
Place wet teabags on the bags under your eyes to help reduce the swelling.
Tick Removal
Do not “rip” the Tick loose, or cover the site with Nail Polish, as you could end up with an infection. You should grasp the Ticks body with a pair of tweezers and pull gently and it will eventually release it’s hold. Then clean the site with Alcohol or an Antibiotic if you have it.
For temporary relief of a toothache, suck on a Tea Bag as the pain can be reduced by the Tannins in Tea.
Upset Stomach
Chamomile Tea or Ginger Tea will sooth an upset stomach.
Urinary Tract Infection
Drink 3-4 cups of Cranberry Juice a day to help reduce Urinary Tract infections.
Chamomile Tea will help reduce Vomiting.
Wine Stain

Pour granulated salt on the stain and it will soak up the stain. Then clean.

Wound Infections
Apply Honey to a wound to discourage infections. The moisture is good for a wound and the Hydrogen-Peroxide in Honey acts as an antibacterial.



Again, as a disclaimer, I do not accept any responsibility for whatever happens (good or bad) if you try any of these remedies listed in this document.

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